Our Comprehensive Approach

At Fredericks Benefits, we focus on what you need, instead of what you should pay.

Balancing business costs and benefits needs is not about spending more; it’s about spending differently. Cost shifting is not a strategy but a reaction. Happily, surveyed employees do not expect employers to incur greater expenses but facilitate overall wellness (physical, mental, financial) through benefit plan design and offerings.

At Frederick Benefits we have the resources and expertise to optimize and manage your group benefit solutions. Constantly reviewing and looking for opportunities to save on the over-all cost while improving the benefit packages employers provide is a core focus.

Engaged Benefits Blue Print

We guide our clients through a unique 4 step process called the Engaged Benefits Blue Print.

Our 4 step process allows us to fully understand the needs you have and goals you want to achieve. We listen first, thoughtfully develop a set of ideas and solution and then engage with you to implement.