About Us

Fredericks Benefits is an employee engagement and benefits advisory firm, serving clients across the Inland Empire for more than 25 years.  Based in Redlands, CA, Fredericks Benefits prides ourselves in having one of the most knowledgeable and skilled staff when it comes to issues about employee benefits, retirement, health & lifestyle, compliance, and leadership & employee engagement.

Four things have always distinguished Fredericks Benefits:

• Innovation
• Passion for people
• Unsurpassed service
• Attention to the employer's bottom line

Fredericks Benefits was among the very first advisors to introduce partial self funding to midsize employers. With our understanding of health plan cost management and trends, we were early advocates of employers moving from PPOs to HMOs. We have become known for our aggressive advocacy on behalf of members.

UBA Partner Firm
Fredericks Benefits is a partner of United Benefit Advisors (UBA), the second largest employee benefits advisory organization in the U.S.  UBA provides us with a national presence, which in turn allows us to better serve our clients, as well as providing us the combined wisdom of over 2,000 industry professionals.


Our Comprehensive Approach

At Fredericks Benefits, we focus on what you need, instead of what you should pay.

Balancing business costs and benefits needs is not about spending more; it’s about spending differently. Cost shifting is not a strategy but a reaction. Happily, surveyed employees do not expect employers to incur greater expenses but facilitate overall wellness (physical, mental, financial) through benefit plan design and offerings.

At Frederick Benefits we have the resources and expertise to optimize and manage your group benefit solutions. Constantly reviewing and looking for opportunities to save on the over-all cost while improving the benefit packages employers provide is a core focus.

  • Group Benefits
  • HR Consulting
  • Benefits Technology
  • Compliance
  • Paperless Enrollment
  • Wellness Programs

Engaged Benefits Blue Print

We guide our clients through a unique 4 step process called the Engaged Benefits Blue Print.

Our 4 step process allows us to fully understand the needs you have and goals you want to achieve. We listen first, thoughtfully develop a set of ideas and solution and then engage with you to implement.

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

HR Technology


Every client we serve has a unique set of benefits, culture and areas they can improve communication and efficiencies. We have many technology tools and resources to identify where we can help you streamline common benefit admin tasks and implement solutions that save time money and aggravation.

Benefit Administration
A single source to add, edit and terminate employee from all plans with carrier communication made easy.
HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork. Create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.
Ensure employees see and acknowledge the many forms and documents that are vital for keeping you and your business compliance and up to date.
Deliver an online benefits portal that allows all employees to view important benefit plan details and resources, HR forms and notices and company related resources all from any computer or smart device 24/7.


How well is your organization doing managing its evolving compliance requirements?

Compliance has become increasingly complicated for employers to keep up with the changing laws and regulations that come with managing employees and sponsoring a health plan. Employers are often overwhelmed and surprised to learn of their potential liability when these compliance obligations are not properly managed.

Have you considered a compliance management program?

Having the right resource partner makes good sense, so that the “T’s” are crossed and the ”I’s” are dotted. When it comes to compliance the details are important. For example failure to send an employee communication and/or file a report with IRS or DOL can cost thousands of dollars. 

Where should you start?  By deciding where you want to finish is always a good idea.

An effective compliance partner makes it easier for administrators to understand, develop and maintain an effective compliance program. It simplifies and reduces employer liability and risk.

Contact our office for a compliance assessment to determine if you have any exposure.

Culture & Leadership

As the pace, complexity and volatility of business continue to increase, companies are facing the challenge of retaining top talent, keeping employees engaged, and developing the next generation of leaders. These challenges are prompting successful organizations to shift from the leader-follower management tactics of the past, to a new leadership model based on a purpose focused culture, values, and distributed responsibility; a model that many employees (particularly your best talent) increasingly demand...just to stick around.

Fredericks Benefits is part of a unique team of experienced leaders, The Inland Empire Leadership Alliance, investing focused energy and guidance to inspire those we work with, and to empower you with the tools you need and challenge you to do great things in today's work environment.